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Lucky-Tiger fursuit finished.

Lucky-Tiger from Germany.
Features moving jaw, full custom set of tiger teeth, molded paw pads and two dozen whiskers.

Since LJ picture archive resizes and ruins most pictures,
I only placed thumbs here and put the nice ones in my DA-Gallery.
=====!Clicks for pics!=====

LJ pics don't do him justice. Click the link below to visit the gallery.The LJ pics don't do it justice. Please visit him in my gallery.

=====!Clicks for pics!=====
Comments welcome. :-)
Tadaa ! Mystic-Creatures' NEW studio is finally operational.

Whew, it was a lot of work, but now we have a 100% costume dedicated workshop.
With bonus points for: Windows you can open, storage space, well enough working heating, photoshoot space.
The only thing left to do is install a dozen full spectrum daylight neon tubes.

I guess it won't look this tidy for long:

And if you want to peek into our fur storage, click here !Collapse )

So now: Back to producing things. :-)
With the very kind help of Vauvi, Buewolf and Stitch Mimulus,
all my furniture and workshop stuff has been moved into the new studio.
Where the heck does all this stuff come from ?
Cleaning this up takes several days for sure.

What a mess:

More junk behind the cut:Collapse )
Almost there now. :-)

40 liters of paint later.

No more pink ! Studio is painted nice and bright and white.
Ready to move all the stuff in. And a lot of stuff it is. ^x.x^



More:Collapse )

Let the chaos begin

So here we have a few impressions of the new studio.
As you can see, there might be a little work to be done.
For the time being, I get electricity via extention cord from the floor above.

More behind the cutCollapse )

New studio, stage zero

It happened. We have to leave the old studio rooms now.

Good: We got to rent other rooms in the same building, so moving will be fairly easy.
Bad: The landlord was quit unflexible with the rent. It's now higher than in the other rooms, while being smaller at the same time. And again some rooms have no windows.

I got the keys yesterday. Inspection result:
Water is functional, but no electricity yet, and the walls are painted PINK !
So first thing today: Buy white paint.

A Tigers Dentist

Working on a custom set of realistic Tiger-Teeth today.
Sculpting, casting and demolding.
And coughing up epoxy dust.

Kids: Do as I say, don't do as I do. Use dust respirators !

Update on queue, due to delays

Since unfortunately several issues keep delaying my costume work, it is about time I update the queue plan.
(Such things like part time out-sourced company work, loosing the workshop and needing to relocate, building new infrastructure,..)

If there will be no other unexpected troubles, my costume schedule should look like this:

finish tiger fullsuit            - Luckytiger done
Fox fullsuit                          - Harlequin
Lizard plush sleeper        - Xxxxx cancelled
Phoenix plush sleeper    - Coco Eagle
Foxtoy mask                       - IrateFox
Dragon tail                           - GlaceusFrost done
Puma tail                              - Jay Paw
Raccoon tail                        - Pepsi Pooch
Skiing Mask                          - Pegla
Fox tail                                  - Chubby Cruso
Tigergryph tail                   - Amurtigress done
Hare ears                              - Briareos
The purple vinyl thing    - Felinius
Plushie Fursuit                  - Hysi
Partial Fursuit                   - Kaarlo
Fursuit Sleeper                 - Hegdish
Dragon Head                      - Stich-Mimulus cancelled
Snowleopard Sleeper        - Kimura
Tiger suit +extra body      - ZeroCore
Fox Partial                       - Fjellreven

Again, I am terribly sorry for the delays. Should you find that your commission is being delayed for too long now, and that you would rather not wait that long, I can understand that and you can opt out any time.

No video stream this weekend

A friend from the US is coming to pay a surprise visit over the weekend.
Therefore no streaming this weekend. :-)

Need to relocate

Since the landlord of my studio had to close and wall up my windows, due to very strange building regulations and contracts,
my workshop now is without windows and no real ventilation. We have now sent due notice for the end of this year.

If we are lucky, we can rent other rooms in the same building for a fair price.
That would be the least inconvenient thing. Still, all this delays my work a bit.