August 29th, 2011

Harly Kin

Autumn Queue 2011

We are back from Eurofurence and setting up the workshop for the new batch of commissions. It was great to meet so many old and new friends, even if being stretched between maintaining the lounge, running fursuit support and events, being at my table in the dealers den, keeping contact with city partners and trying to meet people kept me on a tight schedule. I will be busy most of september away from the workshop. So this months schedule is:
  • finish tiger fullsuit - Luckytiger
  • upgrade hindpaws - Zunami
  • work on sets of claws, teeth and pawpads
Here's the current queue, in no particular order, starting october 2011:
  • Fox fullsuit                          - Harlequin
  • Lizard plush sleeper        - Talon
  • Phoenix plush sleeper    - Coco Eagle
  • Foxtoy mask                       - IrateFox
  • Dragon tail                           - GlaceusFrost
  • Puma tail                              - Jay Paw
  • Raccoon tail                        - Pepsi Pooch
  • Skiing Mask                          - Pegla
  • Fox tail                                  - Chubby Cruso
  • Tigergryph tail                   - Amurtigress
  • Hare ears                              - Briareos
  • The purple vinyl thing    - Felinius
New commissions: Small items like tails and alike get squeezed in between suits. New suits will be added to the end of the queue. Undersuits and spandex costumes back in stock: For fursuiters, we have spandex undersuits in several styles available, along with an assortment of furry spandex costumes of our own designs.

Winter/Spring queue 2011/12 is open and starts to fill:
Fursuit Sleeper  - Hysi
Partial Fursuit    - Kaarlo
Fursuit Sleeper  - Hegdish
Dragon Head - Stich-Mimulus
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