mysticcreatures (mysticcreatures) wrote,

Long term email accident

It is very possible that I did not receive your emails or you did not receive my replies !

This mainly affects my mystic-creatures account, but might include other mail accounts.
If you sent me an important email during the last weeks and/or are still expecting my reply, please resend your mail. I will try to catch up in the coming days, while recovering from Influenza

What happened ?
Some time after new year my domain provider moved accounts to new servers. Unfortunately without informing me. They set up a new mail account for mystic-creatures, but at the same time keeping the old, now inactive account alife.

So what happened was that any incoming mail was sent to the new account, that I didn't even know existed,
while any mail I sent out was directed to the old account, that wasn't forwarding things any more. An ideal setup to stall everything without creating any failure notices.

I only noticed this about a month later now, when I was trying to send myself an e-mail.

My apologies, if this possibly caused any inconvenience on your side.
You can now safely reach me again through

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