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Copyright statement

Since people tend to give me reference pictures to work from when creating costumes for them,
occassionally even ask me to copy a certain design, I want to make clear that I will not be
involved in any kind of copyright infringement. I will not steal a design for any client.

If you want to order a specific costume or design from me, unless it is my part of the contract to design something for you myself, it is mandatory that I have your written assertion that you own the copyright of that character/design, or you have legal permission to use and have reproduced said character/design.

If a costume design is created by me, the buyer has the right to use it non-commercially. Reproduction  or commercial use rights are not included. If the design is to be used commercially or copied, my written consent is required, including the field and duration of use.

I respect the work and creativity of other artists, and I ask for the same in return.
Thank you all for understanding.

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