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Update on queue, due to delays

Since unfortunately several issues keep delaying my costume work, it is about time I update the queue plan.
(Such things like part time out-sourced company work, loosing the workshop and needing to relocate, building new infrastructure,..)

If there will be no other unexpected troubles, my costume schedule should look like this:

finish tiger fullsuit            - Luckytiger done
Fox fullsuit                          - Harlequin
Lizard plush sleeper        - Xxxxx cancelled
Phoenix plush sleeper    - Coco Eagle
Foxtoy mask                       - IrateFox
Dragon tail                           - GlaceusFrost done
Puma tail                              - Jay Paw
Raccoon tail                        - Pepsi Pooch
Skiing Mask                          - Pegla
Fox tail                                  - Chubby Cruso
Tigergryph tail                   - Amurtigress done
Hare ears                              - Briareos
The purple vinyl thing    - Felinius
Plushie Fursuit                  - Hysi
Partial Fursuit                   - Kaarlo
Fursuit Sleeper                 - Hegdish
Dragon Head                      - Stich-Mimulus cancelled
Snowleopard Sleeper        - Kimura
Tiger suit +extra body      - ZeroCore
Fox Partial                       - Fjellreven

Again, I am terribly sorry for the delays. Should you find that your commission is being delayed for too long now, and that you would rather not wait that long, I can understand that and you can opt out any time.

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