mysticcreatures (mysticcreatures) wrote,

Mystic-Creatures is fully operational again !

Tadaa ! Mystic-Creatures' NEW studio is finally operational.

Whew, it was a lot of work, but now we have a 100% costume dedicated workshop.
With bonus points for: Windows you can open, storage space, well enough working heating, photoshoot space.
The only thing left to do is install a dozen full spectrum daylight neon tubes.

I guess it won't look this tidy for long:

Curious ? Ok, here's the sneak peek into our fur storange and suit wardrobe.

If your commission is compatible with what we have in stock, we can produce right away.
When not in stock, your materials go on the shopping list, until we find it somewhere. :-)

So now: Back to producing things. :-)

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