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The creations of Mystic-Creatures

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Welcome to the LJ of Mystic-Creatures.
This is were we will occasionally update you about our latest creatures,
new inventions, or just plain useless fun stuff that happens in our workshop.

We create costumes and accessories to bring your Ideas to life.
Our main focus is in the area of anthropomorphic animal costumes.
Be it a realistic looking werewulf, a cartoon style mascot,
or just a set of ears, paws and a tail for your next party.

Have something else im mind ? Then don't hesitate to contact us.
New challenges are just what keeps our business interesting and
we will happily work on a solution for your idea.
From articulated wing set, to cosy sleeper for cold camp nights,
from dismountable multi purpose furniture to security and fashion harnesses.
You have the idea, we work on the solution.

Visit us at

(We happily work for clients all over the globe. Business and studio located in Europe, Germany. All quotes in Euro currency.)